Oil Sampling & Testing

Condition monitoring is of paramount importance t the maintenance of your transformers. Oil sampling is conducted by experienced personnel of ESI, thereby ensuring the consistency of the sampling process and the reliability of the laboratory test data.

Oil analysis and subsequent recommendations are made by qualified and experienced ESI Staff, backed by S D Myers, the TJH2b and transformer manufacturing experts. ESI's trained technicians have a long history in the electrical industry and can assist in all your diagnostic testing.

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Transformer Oil Regeneration On- & Off-Line

Off- and On-Line transformer Oil Regeneration not only restores the oil to new condition, it also removes sludge and other contaminants from the transformer windings and cooling system. lowering operating temperatures and preventing re-contamination of the oil.

Maintaining the chemical properties of insulating oil through regeneration ensures maximum Transformer life and reliability.

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Vacuum Filling of Transformers

The ESI VAcuum Dryer/Degasser units are designed as versatile Transformer Oil Filter units for field or factory use.

These units are used by ESI to do Vacuum filling of transformers. ESI has a dedicated plant to do this work processing new transformer oil. The unit has an inline Vaisala moisture meter to constantly monitor all moisture content. There is also a Megger dielectric breakdown tester with the rig at all times.

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Vacuum Drying/Degassing of Transformers Off- & On-Line

The ESI VAcuum Dryer/Degasser units are designed as versatile Transformer Oil Filter units for field or factory use. The units use high capacity multi-stage electric oil heaters, large capavity vacuum pumps with external connections and 3 stage particulate filtration. Flow rates up to 6000 litres/hr are available.

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Supply & Installation of Filtration & Dry-Out Systems for Transformer Winding, Tap Changer and Tank Stock

We provide, install and assist with the operation of filtration and dryout systems for Transformer winding, tap changer filter units and tank stock.

ESI Tap-changer filter units remove moisture and particulars in the insulating oil, maintaining electrical properties and reducing arcing during contact break. Cost savings in maintenance, spares and a significant increase in system reliability soon recover the initial installation costs.

Stainless steel construction, pipe and fittings ensure maximum filter life.

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Portable Filter Hire

We have a wide range of portable filter units available for hire. These filter units are simple to use, plug into a standard domestic power supply, yet, will remove free, emulsified and dissolved moisture in oil from 50ppm to <10ppm in a single pass.Particles are also removed to <0.4 micron ensuring the electrical properties of insulating oil always meet specification.An in-line moisture meter comes standard with the filter unit so maintenance crews can re-energise field equipment with confidence. Versions of this unit are also available for Lubrication and Hydraulic oils.

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Transformer Oil Collection, Delivery and Storage

ESI is equipped to treat oil in tank farm stock, de-energised transformers as well as energised transformers. All work is done in accordance with company procedures, which are updated on an on-going basis to ensure compliance with the latest technology and legal requirements.

  • Recycling of used Tank-stock of Drummed Transformer Oil to as-new
  • Recycling of Bulk or Drummed Transformer Oil to as-new condition
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Supply of New and Regenerated Oil

ESI has a wide range of quality new and renegerated oil for supply. Contact us so we can discuss your specific requirements and the best solution for you.

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Supply of Specialist Lubrication Oil Filtration Equipment

We have a wide range of specialist lubrication oil and filtration equipment. For any further inquiries, please get in contact with us.

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