Portable Trolley Filter Unit

The Portable Trolley Filter Unit is a complete filtration package on wheels. All you have to do is install the filter cartridge, plug it in, and watch it meet your toughest filtration requirements. Designed for industrial applications, the unit uses large filter cartridges with up to 5000 square inches of filter media. This improves filtration efficiency and capacity, reduces change-out frequency and gives the best long term operation costs.

The Portable Filter effectively processes:
- Insulating Oil
- Lube Oil
- Transformer Oil
- Hydraulic Oil
- Diesel Fuel
- Kerosene

More than 26 types of filter cartridges are available to meet your specific filtration requirements
The Portable Filter Unit can be used for:
The filter unit can be fitted with Velcons’ patented Aquacon® AC-718P4D and Superdri® SD-718 cartridges to remove free emulsified and dissolved moisture to <10ppm in a single pass and particulates to <0.4 micron. This ensures the oil used to fill transformers, cable boxes and tap changers in the field, will meet recognised standards and it is safe to energise the equipment.

Preventative Maintenance:
Routine Filtering of oil at the machine or transformer of reservoir extends the life of the machine components and the oil itself. Acidic compounds can be removed by the use of Activated carbon (LB-71801) or Fullers Earth (LA-71801B) cartridges.

Put spilled oil into drum, filter it to remove dirt and water, and you can reuse the oil instead of throwing it away.

Core Dryout:
This unit is suitable for drying of small transformer cores through the transfer of moisture from the solid insulation to the oil being maintained in a dry state, by the filter unit. The unit can be fitted with 2 X SD718 Superdri® cartridges which have a water removal capacity of 2 Litres / set. The in-line moisture meter allows for simple and accurate measurements of the dry-out process.
- Unit is mounted on a stainless steel trolley.
- Pump type 1000 Litre / hour positive displacement gear pump with mechanical seal.
- Electrical requirements 240v, single phase, 50Hz, 7amps.
- Two 1” high pressure 10 meter hoses are supplied with the unit. These hoses come with 1” cam lock fittings as standard.
- On-line Viasala HMP228 Moisture meter with oil temperature total water measurement (ppm) and percent saturation of the oil comes standard with this unit. The piping layout of the filter unit allows easy checking of both inlet and outlet oil and provides field Oil Quality and cartridge change out information.
- Oil pressure and motor over current protection is standard.

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