Vacuum Dryer Degasser Unit

The ESI Vacuum Drier Degasser unit is designed as a versatile transformer oil filtration unit for field or factory use. The unit incorporates high capacity, multi-stage electric oil heaters and a large capacity vacuum pump system with external connections, for a large variety of service applications.

Standard instruments include a flow rate and flow totaliser meter. Other measurements include vacuum and temperature, as well as an alarm listing.

Flow rates are variable from 0 to >6000 litres/hr and heating from 24kw to 96kw in 4 stages. An in-line moisture meter is optional.
- Drying wet transformers and insulation
- Purifying and drying transformer oil in bulk
- Vacuum filling of transformers and electrical equipment
- drying and purifying of oil transformers (on- and off-line)
- Vacuum drying of transformers
- The transformer remains in service during process
- Reduced transformer dryout costs
- Removes dissolved moisture in transformer oil
- Reduces combustion gases and oxygen
- Improves oil dielectric values
- Improves transformer power factor
- Extends oil service life
- Extends transformer service life and reliabiity
The ESI Vacuum Drier Degasser unit is designed for a variety of factory oil filtration applications. The filtering system removes dissolved water from oil to less than 5 ppm (single pass), and includes multi-stage particulate filtration down to 0.3 microns.

The process removes dissolved gas in oil but does not remove oxidation inhibitors. The system is complete with all components necessary to monitor the mechanical and electrical operating conditions of the unit. The unit has variable flow adjustment from 0 to 6000 litres/hr.

The oil is filtered and heated via a gear pump. The warm oil is then sprayed into a large capacity degasser chamber under very high vacuum. The clean, dry oil is then returned via a centrifugal pump, to the transformer.
Pipe Work:
All pipe work, the vacuum chamber and the filter housings are made from high quality stainless steel.

Power Requirements:
415 V AC 3 phase, 50 HZ, 160 amps (max)

Control Box:
- Weather proof painted steel rittal enlosure
- Burkert electronic flow meter
- Allen Bradley temperature controller with digital read-out
- Vacuum gauge
- Filter pressure gauges
- Elpased time hour meter for vacuum pumps
- Motor start and stop buttons
- Run light indicators and emergency stop button
- Heater pump and trip indicators .

Inlet Pump:
Tuthil gear pump with mechanical seal and internal pressure bypass with Brook Crompton 2.2kw, 1500rpm, 3 phase motor.

Outlet Pumps:
Calpeda centrifugal pump with 2.2kw, 2900rpm, 3 phase motor

Vacuum Pumps:
- Backing pump: PVR Type EU capacity 105 m3/hr, 0.5 mbar ultimate vacuum, 3kw 3 phase motor
- Booster Pump: FRU 11.4 HV capacity 600 m3/hr 0.01mbar ultimate vacuum, 2,2kw 3 phase motor

Oil Heater:
96kw hermetically sealed immersion heaters controlled by 4 stage switches and a temperature controller/display unit

Filter inlet and outlet pressure, vacuum, temperature, oil flow in litres/min plus total litres since reset, plant status, alarm and fault indication.

Oil Sample Ports:
Sample ports for inlet and outlet oil quality are supplied with this unit

- Length: 2100mm; Width 1450mm; Height 1820mm
- Weight: 1800kg
- Base tray capacity: 200 litres

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